You can import tab delimited text files to update price lists in SAP.

You will need to create a file in Excel with the  information you wish to import into the price list. 

This file cannot have a header line

It must be saved as Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) file 

It cannot be open when you run the import.


In Administration > Data Import/Export > Import from Excel.

Select the Data Type to Import as Price List.  The system will show a list of mandatory fields to import, these fields must exist on your input .txt file in the order that they appear in the list.

There are additional fields that you can chose to add by clicking on the drop down arrows on the right of the field names.

Note that you must have Price List No. in column A.

Enter the path and name of the file you are importing.

Click Import 




Typing the phrase ‘Excel import file for price lists’ into the help search will give you help on this topic.

Note that in v9.2 if you do not have additional Prices and Currencies then do not enter anything in those columns (in previous versions of SAP you were required to enter GBP and zeroes).