Adding a new user must be done by a Superuser who has a professional license.


Add the User

Go to Administration > Setup > General > Users.

Enter a unique User Code (often the user’s first name), this is case sensitive.

Enter further details as required.

Click the 3 dots to the right of the password box and enter an initial password.

Tick the ‘Change Password at Next Logon’ box so that the user will enter their own password when they first log on.

Click ‘Add’


Give the User Appropriate Access

Go to System Initialisation > Authorisations > General Authorisations.

Select a user who has the same access as the access you wish to give the new user; click ‘Copy Authorisations’.

In the pop-up box select your new user by ticking the box; click ‘OK’ and answer ‘Yes’ to the message.

Alternatively if you don’t have an existing user with the same authority you can select the new user and set their authorisations individually in the screen provided.

If you wish your user to be able to give discount on marketing documents you can set the maximum amount of discount permitted at the bottom of this screen. 

Once you have set the authorisations click ‘Update’.


Assign a License to the user

Select Administration > License > License Administration.

Highlight your new user.

Select the license type you wish to assign to them by ticking the ‘Used’ box in the license list.

Click Update and OK.


Users first login

The first time a user logs in they MUST right click on the SAP icon and ‘run as administrator’

When the new user first logs on they will be asked to change their password.

They should then select form settings and click the ‘Apply Authorisations ‘ button.

Secondly they should select Tools > Cockpit > Enable my Cockpit and click OK.

Copy Document Formats from One User to Another

You can also copy the document format setting from one user to another, see the FAQ 'How to Copy Document Formats from One User to Another'.