The Data Transfer Workbench allows you to import new records and update existing ones.

You will find the program on your server in the SAP\Data Transfer Workbench folder.  DTW.exe is the import program and there are templates to use to create the import file in the templates folder.  There are also samples in the template folder; we would advise that you experiment in your test company.

First select an appropriate template and populated it with the data you wish to import.  Note that any field that is required in SAP will need to be populated in the template.  

You can create the import file in excel but you will need to save it as a tab delimited text file.

Once you have created a file run the DTW.exe file and connect to the relevant company.

Example – Importing Item Master Data

Select Import and in this case select Master Data. 

Select Add New Data then Inventory, Master Data

Highlight ‘Items’ at the top of the list, click the 3 dots and point to the Import data file you have created.

Map the fields from your source file to the fields in SAP by clicking in the field on the right and selecting the SAP field name.

Select how you want to handle errors.

Select Import.


The help file is also quite useful.