1.  Change Address Field Name

Open a customer business partner, go to the address tab and select Form Settings.

You will see a list of address fields similar to the one below.





Select as many additional fields as you wish to use by ticking Visible and Active. 

Click O.K. and the Form Settings list will close.

On the Business Partner Address tab press ctrl and then double click on the field name you wish to change e.g. Building/Floor/Room and rename it. Click Update then O.K.

N.B. make a note of what you change i.e. ‘from name’ and ‘to name’ as these names do not change on the Address Formats screen that you will be amending in step 3.





Your new address will look similar to this.



Be aware that if you have data already entered in a Business Partner address field and you rename that field then the name of the field may no longer reflect the contents of the field correctly.

This name change is global.




2.  Rearrange the fields

To rearrange the order of the fields select the Tools icon z69ZQfO4PkUgaZpxKn3J2fQBUNMLoBCIpw.png  to see the Form Settings window.



Click on the field you wish to move and drag it to the required position.

Click O.K. – the Form Settings window will close. If you want to move another field you will need to re-open the window each time.

This change is per user and not global.



 3.  Change the Format on the Marketing Documents


The format of the address in the marketing documents is dictated by the Country field entered in the ‘Ship to’ and ‘Bill to’ address.

To change a country’s layout select Administration > Setup > Business Partners > Address Formats.

In Find mode select the Address Format you wish to rearrange.

Click, hold and drag fields from the selection box on the right onto the layout box on the left. You can also click, hold and drag fields around the layout screen.

Right click to Add and Delete Rows.

Select Free Text to enter spaces, commas, text etc.

Note that the field names in the selection box are the original names of the fields and cannot be changed therefore you will need to refer to the changes you made in step one to see the original field names.




 Your formats and addresses should now look similar to these.




These changes are global and they will also be used in all marketing forms for that country.